And one day, boom: the pavilion of exploded reality!

"The theme of the Pavilion I’m curating for The Wrong Biennial, is inspired by the concept of impossible architecture: focusing upon the new idea of digital art surrealism driven mainly by incoming energy from web culture and the intellectual groups developing within that framework which create amateur artworks using new technologies much like the way in which a magician uses a magic wand.
The ten artworks exhibited on both the sides of the Pavilion - sculptures, installations, images and videos - appear to the eyes of the audience through Augmented Reality Technology. The artworks created by ten students from Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts are based upon concepts such as: remix, détournement, digital surrealism, glitch-art, appearance, dream, sleep/awake, journey and unreality. The ten creations contextualized inside the Pavilion feature unexpected shifts and shifts in meaning.
In fact, Augmented Reality Technology, by increasing reality itself, creates new levels of unreality. It decontextualizes real space, accentuating the paradox of how Augmented Reality actually decreases reality by removing and modifying real levels to increase illusoriness in our real atmosphere." - C.Passa

And one day, boom: the pavilion of exploded reality!' Artists

Giulio Villaggio
Alberto Gulminetti

Luca Maggiorini
Ester Galli

Francesca Maffia
Masha Bazueva
Claudio Marziali
Vitmar Qinami
Valeria Seduta
Francesco Riccardi

And one day, boom: the pavilion of exploded reality!'s Curator

Chiara Passa

Artist, professor, conceptualizer, studied at Salerno Artistic Lyceum and at Fine Arts Academy of Rome where graduated. Then, obtains a Master in “New Audiovisual mediums”. Lived two years in Lisbon and several years in Milan. At the moment she is living and working in Rome.

Chiara’s artwork combines different media as: animation and video installation, interactive projects on internet-art, digital art in public space, site-specific artworks and development for mobile platforms like smartphone and tablet.