Shadow Box

Shadow Box features small gifs, images, and html/css/js elements that are scattered over the page. The approach was to make a collection of 'objects.' The solidity and definition of what can be considered an object online isn't precise or even a good question. Objects belong afk so the use, and therefore the definition, of the the word in the online context is a bit molten still.

Shadow Box's Artists

Kim Asendorf
Ole Fach
Georges Jacotey
Fabien Mousse
Faith Holland
Eva Papamargariti
Sarah Weis

Shadow Box''s Curator

Rollin Leonard

Rollin Leonard is a new media artist whose work is rooted in crude but systematic studio photography. For the last couple of years the subjects have mostly been bodies and body parts and most of the work has been designed to be experienced online. Rollin was born in 1984 in Boulder Colorado, USA is currently based in Maine. The artist’s work has been shown at such venues as: The Photographer’s Gallery, London; Point Ephémère, Paris; Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Moving Image Art Fair, New York; Moving Image Art Fair, London; Essential Existence Gallery, Leipzig; Fach & Asendorf Gallery, online; NADA art fair, New York; and at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn to name a few. His work is included in international collections including 53 Museum Guangzhou, China.