the wrong updates daily

the wrong welcomes all curators and artists for its fourth edition. these are the pavilions, embassies and routers selected (in alphabetic order, selection still in progress)

a2p︎ acropolis remix︎ act︎ airport lounge︎ a matter of video︎ analog timers︎ artificial nature︎ artworlds︎ author, by︎ automata︎ available now︎ b00k︎ bad habits︎ bear the extended body︎ the beauty of clicking︎ befriending hyperobjects︎ beneath the beach︎ born into sublime trouble︎ closed circuit content︎ confirm humanity︎ control de ciber︎ cyber sanctuaries︎ the damaged goods︎ dangerous creatures living in the deep︎ debuilding artproject︎ the destinies of senses︎ digital analogous︎ digital concrete︎ digital dreamsruptions︎ digitale kunst︎ digital gardening︎ digital overload︎ dima 3oo︎ disjunction notice︎ ecoustics︎ else/where︎ emotional interfaces︎ encounters of art and technology︎ escape the room︎ este contenido no esta disponible en tu pais︎ evidence of things not seen︎ the faked︎ falls the shadow︎ fancy’s own︎ fixity equals death︎ gallery delivery︎ gay bugs︎ the generation of choice︎ going away︎ heaving upward of a swell of bits︎ hysterophimia︎ ilosh︎ in absentia︎ in even the oldest utopia there is a song too little to sing︎ intangible︎ isn't the world just a great big pyramid scheme︎ i spy with my little mobile︎ it does not matter i will eat it cold︎ its all coming apart︎ its nice out here︎ jururu club︎ kenyon6︎ keyword freethought︎ khaste bored︎ knack knack︎ the lack of︎ language︎ laniake︎ letters from the south︎ lichtbild lipidsynthese︎ lossless bodies︎ loss︎ l’espai que hi ha︎ maquinas cerebros algoritmos︎ megalith︎ my hearts in the sky︎ naive shrine︎ near field communications digital art bang︎ new formats, new imaginaries︎ new sensibilities︎ niemandsland︎ no palindrome︎ off grid︎ one jpg at a time︎ paradigm︎ particule︎ the perceptible floats by rapacious ghosts︎ peregrination︎ perfect users︎ pivilion dot net︎ poeticum ex machina︎ poetry plus video︎ pra mata virgem︎ presentness︎ prismatic devices︎ prosthetic vol.2︎ proxy saliva from a ranked souvenir︎ quimera ignea︎ return void︎ scareware︎ the screen is not the limit︎ simulacrum︎ speak volumes︎ structures of mutation︎ struktura︎ synthesis︎ take over︎ tecnosensible︎ tedx︎ test pattern︎ this is not a map︎ this way up︎ the tip top︎ todo mal︎ too beautiful to be real︎ traaaaash club︎ transitory encounter︎ the tulpamancer︎ uncurruct︎ unsettling time︎ user preferences︎ vale︎ the vampire squid from hell︎ very large works︎ virtuaflex︎ vocation to ruin, proof of study︎ voices in the ether︎ vvetnvvildvvifi︎ waiting the sun︎ weeds world wide︎ wemas︎ what do we do now︎ wretched of the screen︎ yes yes︎

warm up party︎ the wrong is near... let’s celebrate! dress up, power walk the red carpet and post some fun at the wrong online opening party, virtually hosted in this facebook event anouncement discusion, starting right now︎

stay tunned for more news and updates. the wrong opens november 1st. 2o19

here we come