the wrong 2o23/24
open call for institutions

the wrong is now selecting one (1) contemporary art institution, located anywhere in the world, to be the exclusive physical host of the sixth (6th) edition of the wrong biennale, happening between november 1st, 2o23 and march 1st, 2o24

host a generational defining global exhibition
thousands of artists selected by hundreds of curators. hundreds of pavilions presenting curated work by an international melting pot of established, mid-career, emerging and underrepresented artists from around the world, working at the forefront of the digital field

what we offer
virtual hosting of the sixth edition of the wrong biennale, the largest, most inclusive and diverse art event ever, aiming to push the boundaries in the digital art world, with the lowest carbon footprint possible

physical hosting of the wrong biennale’s multi-screen offline installation exhibition, showcasing a large selection of contents, with flexibility to addapt to the resources and space available

24/7 online broadcast of a complementary selection of artworks and documentation, with full institutional integration via

a printed catalogue, divided in two complementary volumes; first one to be presented in the opening of the event, a second to be presented at the closing of the event, both as a print on demand editions, to aim for zero waste

availability of the wrong executive team, selected local artists and curators to be present at the opening, all press dates and closing event, and open to deliver talks and workshops on request

comprehensive documentation of the event, ad-hoc activation and promotion in social media and with international / local press agencies

logo, link and name presence as main partner in all materials, deliverables and communications

what we look for
candidate institution must nurture new media and digital arts, keen on positive and collaborative true creative desentralization, diversity and inclusion. open minded and ready to face the challenge of hosting the largest and most comprehensive display of curated digital online and offline contents and installations  

screen friendly space but not only, available for the lenght of the event, to showcase a premium selection of artworks

funds and resources available, proportional to the production cost of the event, with full cooperation for promoting in social media and press 

location, location, location. we want as many people as possible to be able to attend and enjoy

the wrong is an equal opportunity organisation
all proposals are reviewed independent of global location, space availability or budget size

email us and let’s start a conversation

the wrong is a nonprofit endeavour, only possible with the generous collaboration and support of artists, curators, art collectives, cultural institutions and organisations from around the world. 2o23©d ll ´