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How do we leave significant, tangible traces in a world that is engineered for timed disappearances and constant erasures of genealogies? Directory illuminates how radical investigations into the relations between “human” and “non-human”aspects are needed for a critical outlook on modern experiences.

Curated by Tam Nguyen, with advisories from Mai Huyen Chi & Xuan Ha and support from Duyen Le and Lien Nguyen. Featuring Anti-cool, Bronco Wewer, Sarah Falkner, Han Pham, Quywn and Nguyễn Thanh Tùng, Gin To, Song Ha Nguyen, XEC, Blanche the Vidiot and Kinga Tóh, dmstfctn, Vy Khanh Nguyen, Quang Lam, Kloé Nguyen, Zander Porter, Nhat Huynh-Vu, Ngo Thanh Phuong and Morua, Nhi Le.

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