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Fields Of View.

The primary channel for communication in many aspects of our contemporary reality is the flatscreen computer monitor; however, our perceptions of this technology are often altered by illusions of space that betray the conditions of its surface. At the two-dimensional level, scrolling and hyperlinking operate as methods of expanding the spatial boundaries of the screen into a dense, multidimensional experience. This exhibition expands the space of the computer screen without attempting to erase our awareness of it.

Curated by Jenna deBoisblanc and Matthis Grunsky as Public Access Memories. Featuring Matthew Gantt, Alex Gibson, Matthis Grunsky, Vesper Guo, Christina Humphreys, Jason Isolini, Rosa Menkman, Freya Bjorg Olafson, Everest Pipkin, Petra Szemán, Ziyi Zhang, Andy Zuliani.

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