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Future Me.

Future Me is a virtual reality (VR) project designed and co-created in Roblox by students from Monterey Secondary College. This programme engages students ages 12 -13 years, in creating virtual worlds in Roblox Studio and builds skills using 3D scanned objects, VR drawings and audio recordings. Its aim is to introduce young people to telling stories and interests with VR technologies, found objects and sounds. The project is supported by a Creative Learning Partnership grant from Creative Victoria.

Developed by Susannah Langley, in collaboration with developer Warren Armstrong and teachers Robert Oakley, and Chris Neikamp. Featuring year’s 7 and 8 students from Monterey Secondary College Aynrand, Brianna, Declan, Dek, Hannah, Hayley, Jett, Kaethe, Keygin, Logan, Makayla, Mia, Ollie, Ray, Rhiane, Ryan, Sabrina, Sapphira, Xander, Zane, Zoe.

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