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Kres is the slovenian word for bonfire, and is probably derived from the same etymological root as the name Kresnik, a slavic god associated with fire, the summer solstice, and storms. The bonfire is assembled and lit during the times of year of particular cosmic significance, when the revelers dancing around the fire can catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the border between the mundane and the otherworldly. The otherworldly, however, doesn’t manifest itself to them in some spectacular or majestic form, but as a shadowy grotesque, in which what used to be concealed comes into light.

Kres pavilion stands as a symbol of the slovenian underground digital art movement, which is mostly hidden along the edges of the art and design scene.

Curated by Dorijan Šiško & Sara Bezovšek. Featuring Beti Frim, Celeste Sanja, Farah Sara Kurnik, Jaka Juhant, Knnz aka Neža Knez, Matej Mihevc, Neo Nor, Niko Zelenik, Uno.Tisto, Vid Koprivšek.

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