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Lullaby Tapes.

A library of original lullabies from diverse regions and languages across the globe. It goes beyond mere melodies, aiming to capture the stories rooted in local culture and the love present in every lullaby.

Curated by Madhu Sharma. Featuring Communalrat, Madhu Sharma, Vishakha Rajurkar Raj, Irtiza Sharief, Aryan Singh, Siddhant Chordia /TheConvo, Shashank Kothari, Ashweta Mamledar, Leya, Anitha, Sourabh, Himika Sharma, Tabitha Kagoo, Sanjai Shine, Nishant Nadkarny, Sunita Sharma, Purnima Tripathi, Goutham Vasu, Janvi Bhardwaj.

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