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Man-Made Animals:
Self In The Other.

Since cave paintings, the earliest documentations of art by humans, animals have never left human's artworks. Whether they are depicted in pigments from mineral stones or binary data, the renderings of the animals are shaped by the latest technologies by humans and the environments we are in. In a phenomenological sense, animals for humans are never animals per se; they are partially man-made, as an externalized version of psychological and philosophical “self”, or as “the other,” something alien and unfathomable, or, most likely, both.

Curated by SXSY Collective. Featuring Antone Konst, Elpida Hadezi-Vasileva, Joe Pearson, Reset, Sheng Zhang, SXSY Collective, Weikang Gong, Wenyun Xiong, Yalin Zhao, Yinan Song.

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