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Metatopia is a collaborative exhibition dedicated to the creation, critique and exhibition of mixed and hybrid realities and locative media. Promoting conversations and weekly publications with artists and guests.

Curated by Luciana de Paula Santos. Featuring Erik López, Tu Lang, Elif Sezen, Benna Gaean Maris, Ivana Tkalčić, S4ra, Stephen Roddy, Blanche the Vidiot, Szabina Péter, Kristóf Bodnár, Vincent Tanguy, Ksenia Kudasova, Tripura, Anne Herzbluth, Béatrice Lartigue, Udi Cassirer, Jiaqi Lu, Rita Raeva, Tasha Lizak, Matheus Solar Cambriano, Aphex Redditor, Zander Porter, Christie Lau, Sailor Noom, Wendi Yan, Bola Chinelo, Aldebarán Solares, Bob Georgeson, Ajda Kara, Maciek Stępniewski, Ohii Katya, Teresa Leung.

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