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Mini Expanded Mind.

Explore your own "spiritual wifi" to translate and decode the duality of mind-technology and body-cyberspace converge.

Thus, a favorable scenario is created towards the search for a disembodied transcendence of both the living organism and the virtual medium. Mind and virtuality advance hand in hand, now united towards a common goal: expansion.

Curated by Paloma Hurtado and Diego Lobenal. Featuring Danny Choi, Lena Kuzmich, Cymoonv, Melle Nieling, Ru Kim, Andreas Palfinger, Sima Kim, Jo Ai Hyung, Gala Bannana.

February 29 to March 22nd, 2o24.
Cuartel de Artillería.
C/ Madre Elisea Oliver Molina.
30002. Murcia. Spain.

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