The Wrong Biennale o6. brings together artists by exhibiting artworks via online pavilions and offline embassies, built by self-appointed curators.

Join as artist.

Join a confirmed curator open call below, or create your very own pavilion/embassy together with other artists and join also as a curator.

Open calls for artists.

These are open calls by curators for artists to join pavillions and embassies.

Art Television.
Superinternet world.
Benadryl Plus.
Subsurface tensions.
Maybe Fake’s What I Like.
Tools of Trust.
Un Trapazo.
Sensory Disconnection.
The Outsiders.
Video Edition Pavilion.
Redux of Decor.
Black Holes.

Join as curator.

There are 2 ways to join the 6th edition of The Wrong Biennale; pavilion and embassy.

What is a pavilion.
A dedicated website, or any other online compiler format, like social media, organised by an artist, a curator or a collective, to host artworks by 1o (ten) artists or more.

What is an embassy.
An exhibition, a public event or a series of public events happening in a physical location, and online presence as a pavilion, organised by an artist, a curator or a collective, featuring artwork by 1o (ten) artists or more.

Build your pavilion/embassy.
Create a concept and a name for your project.  Build a dedicated website and domain, or register a new profile on a social media platform to host your pavilion online. Your pavilion is to be hosted by you.

Select the artists, and display the artworks in a respectful manner. Set fair conditions of participation in your project. Select your artists and the works following your own concept and criteria.

Format all artworks to be internet friendly. Image, gif, video, interactive, augmented reality, immersive, sound or text, any mix of these, and beyond.

Download the new logo and add it to your open call, pavilion and embassy, with a link to

Make sure to be in accordance with The Wrong’s guidelines, and have all artists’ formally agree to show the work.

The Wrong appreciates free pre-algorithm internet and one-click-away accesibility.

Pavilions on TV.
To showcase your pavilion also in an audiovisual linear way, please send a list of links of selected art videos hosted in vimeo/youtube and authored by your artists to be broadcasted at The Wrong Television.

The show needs a title. Please do not name your pavilion/embassy after yourself, your gallery, or your already existing platform or organisation. The title should represent the aim of your curatorship intention in a poetic/synthetic way. 

Your pavilion/embassy’s name or domain should not include “Wrong” or “Biennale” or “TV” or any combination of these words, nor special characters or gliphs, to avoid misrepresentations or confusions. Exceptions can be made if reasonable.

Artwork guidelines.
The Wrong values the essence of joy and the exploration of creativity and audiovisual culture in a positive and constructive way. Please avoid any expression of hate, conflict or violence.

Adult-only art.
If your pavilion/embassy will host +18 adult-only content, please make clear warning notice at the entrance.

Submit Deadline:
Ongoing until Oct. 1st.

Submit your proposal for pavilion or embassy including a title, name of curator, short description, pavilion domain link to access all works when ready, location of curator/organisator, list of confirmed artists and list of video links for tv.

Final Deadline:
October 1st. 2o23

Pavilions must be ready for private view. Confirm all information: title, name of curator, short description, pavilion domain link to access all works, location of curator, list of confirmed artists and list of video links for tv. Submit a press kit including a brief curation statement, bios of curators, artists and several eyecatching stills of the art in display to share with the official press release.

Official opening:
November 1st. 2o23

Time commitment.
Pavilions must be online from November 1st, 2o23 until March 1st, 2o24. Embassies must open between November 1st, 2o23 and March 1st, 2o24.

Build your own revenue.
You are free to fund your pavilion/embassy in the context of The Wrong and pay your artists a showing fee via donations, grants and sponsors, with brand and naming presence limited to your pavilion/embassy premises.

Any third party insterested.
Introduce The Wrong Biennale to artists, donors, institutions and sponsors. The Wrong Television, together with selected press and credits of all editions serve as support, example, reference and context.
Instant radical inclusion.
Anyone wanting to join is very welcome without the need of a college degree or proof of career, CV, cover letter, application fee, letters of recommendation or any of the other cultural industry standards you may encounter regularly.

Acceptance ratio.
Acceptance ratio of proposals is very high when instructions are followed, energy is positive, and deadlines are met.

Understand that as you are free to submit but The Wrong is also free to choose.

When joining, please consider to do so in good faith as The Wrong embraces you in the same fashion.

The Wrong is not an art fair nor a nft marketplace; pavilions requesting crypto wallet connections, email sign-ups, pay-per-view routines or downloading intrusive malware to access the artworks will not be accepted.

If your pavilion/embassy does not enter The Wrong Biennale, it does not make your proposal or you as curator/artist, unheard or invalid. It merely means that it does not fit the ongoing context of The Wrong.  

Write an email with your questions and doubts and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

All conditions, guidelines and deadlines may be added, changed and/or updated from now and to the opening of the event, always aiming to improve the organisation of The Wrong Biennale, and the guidance of its community.

Very important.
This is a long journey together, so please be kind, be patient, respect everyone’s work and let’s have a good time. Welcome to The Wrong.

David Quiles Guilló
Founder & Curator




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