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Post Animals.

A place where the implicitly strange and unusual emerge within the familiarity of social media interfaces, and where new chapters are constantly being written. A fresh chapter to twist the plot where a new thread emerges and where digital art and homemade memes reign supreme, a realm where the imagination bounds beyond what it knows. Amidst the chaos of devolution and destruction, evolution offers a glimmer of hope.

Curated by Ortensio Lando. Featuring Adrian Picket, Ynfab, Cesar Morales, Frere Reinert, Ugur Engiz, The Ninja, Olae Brad Land, Mae Adoryanti, John Smith / Xero M, Daniel MacMahan, Hu Nu U Nu, Bluejay, Robert Lorek, Rob Nuuja, Mo Jo Risin, Cody Banks, Kyler Instinct, Nikos / There’s A Major Problem, Bruce Vain, William Wolfgang Wunderbar, Masja Folkers.

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