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The Wrong 2o23/24 (57kb)
The Wrong 2o23/24 (under request)

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To request additional images, statements or interviews with David Quiles Guilló, or curatorial statements from the curators or artists participating, please write to press officer Cherry Nas. 

Selected features.

Reshaping the Experience of Art.

Exploring the unconventional.

Un lugar de encuentro para todas las culturas.

The Wrong 6.

Making a case for digital art.

All digital.

Llega la 6a edición de The Wrong.

The Wrong Biennale.

Universal y gratuita.

Dimensiunea științifică a artei.
Radio România Cultural.

So far, so near.

Paseo por The Wrong.
Radio 3.

Unrestrained by physical limitations.
Tehran Times.

حضور هنرمندان ایرانی در بینال هنرهای دیجیتال در اسپانیا

окно возможностей.
Art and You.

Que no te venza la incertidumbre.

Immagini dal subconscio.

What's Right About The Wrong?
The New York Times.

Lo mejor del arte digital.
El País.

A sign of hope for a new wave of artists.

The Wrong gets online exhibitions right.
The Architect’s Newspaper.

A maior bienal de arte do mundo.
Bem web art.

Streaming platforms for art. 

The Wrong no5.

Net art roulette.
Running Dog.

Biennale nie takie jak inne. 

El nuevo canal del arte.
El Mundo.

La irreverència del nou art.
El Temps de les Arts.

The Wrong Biennale seeks to create the right conditions for digital art.

Art remains something sacred.

Un gran selfie colectivo del arte digital.
El País.

Дигиталната „Галерия“ и бъдещето на изкуството в мрежата.
Radio Bulgaria.

世界最大級のデジタルアートのビエンナーレ「The Wrong」に見る、オンラインキュレーションの可能性

Uma grande selfie coletiva da arte digital.
El País (Brasil).

El arte digital tiene su propio espacio.
Arte al Límite.

Hva er greia med verdens største digitale kunstutstilling?

The Creators Project.

It’s ‘almost’ a Venice Biennale of digital art.

Simbioza umjetnosti i digitalne tehnologije.
Viz Kultura.

The Wrong (Biennale) per la cultura digitale.

Una bienal heterogénea, difusa y sorprendente.
El País.

The world's largest art biennial is now online. 
Artnet News.

Flexible invencible.

Digital art gets real.
Canadian Art.

Alles so schön falsch: die biennale der digitalen kunst.

Welcome to the world's largest digital art biennial.
FastCo. Design.

Klick für klick zum nächsten kunstwerk.

La plus grande manifestation d’art contemporain en ligne.
Le Journal das Arts.

A new opportunity for art.
New Media Caucus.

Un survol de l'état actuel de la biennale en ligne.

Arte digital sin límites.

De grootste biënnale voor digitale kunst.
Metropolism M.

Digitale kunstschau im netz.
Deutschlandradio kultur.

Even digital art doesn’t last forever.
Studio Beat.

hет-арт is wrong.

Kunst in tijden van internet.
De Tijd.

The Wrong, a biennial in 22 tabs.

Passeggiata nella Wrong (Biennale).

Best of 2o15: Our top 1o works of internet art.

Launching the largest digital biennale in the world on shoestring budget.

The Wrong (Again).
Metropolis M.

First impressions: This thing is massive.

The Wrong - Bienal de arte digital.

Una bienal puramente digital para el arte del nuevo siglo.

A digital biennial multi-geographical exhibition.
Fad Magazine.

xранилище мемов, мертвый веб и кодинг-арт.

The Wrong is big. really ridiculously, absurdly large.
New Media Caucus.

Alright on the wronggrid.
Shituationist Institute.

Massive digital art biennale goes IRL.
Electronic Beats.

Absolutely huge.
Prosthetic Knowledge.


Izložba bijenala digitalne umjetnosti.
Glas Slavonije.

A maior bienal de arte digital.

La realtà è sopraffatta dalla sua replica digitale.
The Creators Project.

Dünya çapında katılımla the wrong dijital sanat bienali başladıa.

Will online digital art biennial help sell net art?

Where the physical plane meets the new, digital flesh.
CBC arts.

The Wrong Biennale.

- Upcoming event - Black Holes @ Centrum Nowoczesności Młyn Wiedzy. December 11th. Toruń. Poland - Upcoming event - Blockchain Fairy Tales @ Lincoln Center. December 11th. New York City. USA - Upcoming event - Video Edition Pavilion @ Vortex Jazz Club. December 17th. London. UK 


6WT. So Far, So Near. Net Art Died But Is Doing Well. Becoming Machine. Kres. Triple Pocket Napkin Fold. I Rave/Je Délire. Print Screen. Expo 2121. We’ve Been Dreaming About A Magical Jungle. Painting Computer. Glitch In The Sacred Geometry. Server Of Flesh. Kinētechós. The Temporal Dimension. UnUnsubscribe. Tools Of Trust. Reverse Tar Pit. Self As A Service. Null Byte Injection. Room Tour: Art In The Age Of Remote Work. Are You For Real. Post Animals. Throwing Digital Bricks: Queer Acts Of Protest. Sensory Disconnection. Cave Cloud. Hybrid Mirrors: Navigating Uncertainty And Randomness. No Camera Cinema. Exphygit Corpse. Desktop Studies. Rely Not On It: Life As We (Don’t) Know It. Continuous Interlude. Black Holes. M27. Lullaby Tapes. Rodolex Propaganda. For Data You Are, And To Data You Shall Return. The Outsiders. Solve The Equation. And We Gonna Crash It When Nobody Is Home. Digital Alchemy: Rewiring Paradigms. Aqua Loci. VerbivocoVirtual. Deep Fried Feels. Unarchive. The Digital Rhetoric In Practice. Nonplace Site. Covid 1984. Fields Of View. Homo Metaversus: The Transition. Following A Path. Studio Visits: In The Posthuman Atelier. Man-Made Animals: Self In The Other. Playable Reality Mode. A Number From The Ghost. Midwest Stories. Art Meets Ordinary. Wonder Cake. Metatopia. Redux Of Decor. HyperEspresso. Directory. Speculative Sinofuturisms. Wasted Generation: Freedom In Borderlines. Terraforma. Deficit Of Less. Photosynthesis. Utopian Inspirational Demon. Togetherness. Unleashed, Unhinged And Uncensored. Future Me. Sunsetting The Platform. Balkan Y2K. Trust The Process. Nuke. Requiem. Pivilion Dot Net. Balaganchik: Circus Shantay. Metamorphosis. IIC - International Internal Catastrophes. Super Modern Art Museum. Un Trapazo. AI/AI. Kamîm Tuhut. Adam Meets Eve. Soro-Soro. Video Edition Pavilion. Is It Time To Think About Adulting Yet. Expanded Optics. Symptomatic Asymptomatic. Benadryl Plus. It Is Too Boring To Exhibit My Friends. Language Machine: Text, Code And Poetry. Cosmos, or A Chronicle Of Life’s Incredible Order, Complexity, And Remarkable Struggle Against Entropy And Resistance Of Decay. Familia Vende Tudo. Digital Collectivity And Rituals. In Absentia. The Space is Volatile. Techspressionism: Digital and Beyond. Weblogmusic: Cartomancy. Blink Delay. Laugh. Down The Rabbit Hole. Sanarte El Alma. Maybe Fake’s What I Like. Blockchain Fairy Tales. La Finca De Hoy. Unrestricted. Colour Your Dreams. Mystopia. URP Painting. Sirena. Compound Of Stolen Prompts As A Curatorial Statement. Book. Television.



November 1st. 2o23
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Press Room.

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November 1st. 2o23
to March 1st. 2o24.

Press Room.

2o13-2o23©The Wrong Studio
Everything blue is a link.
All rights reserved.