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Collection of sound works and visuals that represent the call of our planet to express our concerns about the state of emergency that we are experiencing in the world.

Curated by Catalina Vallejos and Ronnie Karfiol. Featuring Deatxwish, Taiki Arita, Tiến Nguyễn, Trí Thiện, Lê Duy, Xuân Minh, Gia Huy, Flounder Lee, Martina Noskova, Idklang, Aaporia, Magdi Mostafa, Jialun Wang, Hiroshi Murakami, David Longshaw, Zander Porter, Athina Kanellopoulous, Ioana & Pablo, The Mainstream Official, Oksana Rudko, Liu Chang, Chloe Cheuk, Aleksei Martyniuk, Blanche The Vidiot, F.C. Zuke, Nina Sumarac, Giuseppe De Benedittis, Ania Urbanski, Contaminated Carcass, Jaimerative Art.

March 7th to 17th, 2o24
Dig A Hole Zines
3-8-12 Koenji, Suginami-ku,
Tokyo, 166-0002

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