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The Outsiders.

Documentation of street performances, experiments, happenings, urban interventions, installations and other forms of art created for / displayed in the public space.

Curated by Jo Blin. Featuring Adam Tuna, Alice Guéricolas-Gagné, Bárbara Serafim, Carolina Dutca, Valentin Sidorenko, Chun-Tzu Chang, Francisco Rider, Interior Ministry, Jo Blin, Les Tyroliennes Saint-Jambiennes, Loretta Lau , Object:Paradise, Ras Sankara, Riccardo Matlakas, Sarah Legow, Sasha Honigman, Sumin Sung, Swen Leer, Sylvain Souklaye, Teresa Leung, The Native American Bare-Wolf, Tyko Say, Uronto Artist Community, Vincent Tanguy.

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