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The Temporal Dimension.

Explore the mystique of time, otherwise known as the 4th dimension. Time is an unceasing force that propels us forward while remaining an inescapable constant. Time's intricate relationship with consciousness, from its boundless youth to its accelerating pace with age, poses the profound question of eternal existence.

Curated by Holly-Anne Buck aka Collagism. Featuring Tinderdust, V. Barratt, Dasa Hink, Adam Milburn, Holly-Anne Buck, Molly Dario, Marjan Moghaddam, Portrait XO, David Henry Nobody Junior, Mikael Brain, Lizz Brady, Piet Baumgartner, Anne Frost Nicholson, Francesca Tirpak, Jana Astanov, Enrique Luna, Antonio Trimani, Mümün Kesar.

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