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Triple Pocket Napkin Fold.

A pocket hides what is inside until it can be performatively revealed. From the opacities of poetry and withheld language emerges this collection of folded, layered, improvised, imperfect and unexpected forms of address: mud dancing, whispers, shouts, laughter, screams and vocal sound making that resist the order of speech.

Curated by Ghost i.c.w. Céline Wouters and Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen. Featuring Aloardi (Gabriel Castillo, Shajira Xhrs, JanneKe van der Putten)  Angela Schilling, Cannach MacBride, Dani Reynolds, Dean Bowen, Isabel Marcos, Karin Iturralde Nurnberg, La Leche Travesti (Jota Mombaça, Ikí Piña, Narváez, Slim Soledad), Megan Cope and Isha Ram Das, Milena Bonilla, Ogutu Muraya and The Postpeople (Tracy Hanna, Daniel Tuomey).

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