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Explore affective intensities, and regimes of digital aesthetics from poor images to file mobility. Challenge a spatial dimension of a traditional digital exhibition, incorporating temporal perspective by distributing some artworks via subscription-type services, to unfold around the idea of art acting as a system of distribution services.

How art itself can incorporate the logics of services: Can AI be repurposed to fight disinformation? Can soundart be presented in the framework of psychotherapy? Can Instagram become a platform to confront the binarity of contemporary visual politics?

Curated by Khristina Ots, Roman Solodkov. Featuring Anna Soz, Kudaletitkukuhka, Nika Peshekhonova, Elizaveta Berkutova, Daria Ivans (Kookooshka) And Alexander Kovalev, Axnher, Anna Shustikova, Polina Zinziver, Ibiom, Sasha Puchkova, Xenia Obukhovskaya , Ivan Netkachev, Vorozheya Art Group, Polina Kartvelishvili, Vova Unanyan, 130.Pdf, Nawin Nuthong, Wasawat Somno, Crsrcrsr, Alireza Mohammadi.

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