Video Edition Pavilion.

A variety of video art shorts, some reminiscent of the last century, others working with contemporary art and mostly unpeopled sights, all interplaying with original experimental, improvised music and sounds.

Curated by Ebba Jahn. Featuring Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Adam Bohmann, Adrian Northover, Alfiya Shamsutdinova, Beate Gördes, Berit Jung, Bruno Guastalla, Charlotte Keeffe, Dale Zhou, Danielle Swain, Dario Ricciardi, Dwayne Jahn, Ebba Jahn, Elo Masing, Els Vandeweyer, Erhard Hirt, Gudrun Arndt, Hui-Chun Lin, Iona Țurcan, Jean-Julien Pous, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Julius H, Jürgen Morgenstern-Feise, Kayoko Nakamura, Klaus Kürvers, Lawrence Casserley, Lisa Reim, Liz Allbee, Luca I. Parise, Mano Kinze, Marcello Magliocchi, Maria Sappho, Matthias Boss, Merit Fakler, Mieke Kooistra, Mopomoso, MsDz, Nathan Langston, Nello Toscano, Ornelia Alia, Oxford Improvisers, Paul Hubweber, Paul Jolly, Philip Gibbs, Pinguin Moschner, Rudi Fischerlehner, Stefania Buzatu, Sue Schlotte, Sverdrup Balance, Sylvia Hallett, Tamara Tube, Teresa Leung, Tuia Cherici, Vincent Tanguy, Viv Corringham, Willi Hanne, Yoko Miura.

Vortex Jazz Club, London.
December 17th, 2023.

Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin.
January 27th. 2024.

Lokal Harmonie, Duisburg.
March 17th & 24th, 2o24.

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The Wrong Biennale is an independent, multicultural, desentralised and collaborative international art biennial founded in 2o13 by David Quiles Guilló, and organised by The Wrong Studio.

The Wrong has grown to become a massive international community and a global reference in the art scene, bringing together curators, artists and institutions, online and offline, every two years, garnering praise from worldwide press, art community and public, and rendering institutional recognition and awards like SOIS Cultura and the honorific mention by European Commission S+T+ARTS prize.

A melting pot for the established, the emerging and the underrepresented, to explore creativity and digital culture in a positive and constructive way, The Wrong showcases a wide range of cultures, styles, and mediums to a global audience, fostering a more inclusive and diverse digital art scene, and encouraging artistic growth and experimentation.

The Wrong Biennale has featured work by over ten thousand artists and curators, showcased in over seven hundred pavilions, embassies and institutions around the world.

Next events.

2o25/26. Nov. 1, 2o25 - Mar. 1, 2o26.
2o27/28. Nov. 1, 2o27 - Mar. 1, 2o28.
2o29/3o. Nov. 1, 2o29 - Mar. 1, 2o3o.


2o13/14. Nov. 1, 2o13 - Jan. 31, 2o14.
2o15/16. Nov. 1, 2o15 - Jan. 31, 2o16.
2o17/18. Nov. 1, 2o17 - Jan. 31, 2o18. 
2o19/2o. Nov. 1, 2o19 - Mar. 1, 2o2o.
2o21/22. Nov. 1, 2o21 - May. 1, 2o22.
2o23/24. Nov. 1, 2o23 - Mar. 31, 2o24.

Thank you.

To all participants, team and council members, institutions, press, donors, visitors and friends for the positive energy, the support and the dedication over the years.


“Actively shaping the narrative of what artistic expression in the digital age can be.“ -

“Counting its viewership in the millions, The Wrong just might be the world’s largest art biennale — The digital world’s answer to Venice.” - The New York Times.

“Exploring the unconventional with a deep sense of community and diversity.” - CLOT.

“A sign of hope for a new wave of artists.” - STIR.

“An alternative yet ambitious new path, The Wrong is a concept that could prove key to the flourishing of the arts and culture in post pandemic times.” - S+T+ARTS Jury.

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