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Wasted Generation: Freedom In Borderlines.

Welcome to a brief novel of the exploration of a niche, extra-institutional, weird and anonymous art that is abundantly present but unfairly under-spoken. 

Curated by Rita Caterpillar and Anna Sodaz in a framework of DUST association. Featuring Denis Alekseev, Denis Nerobeev, Radyica, Anatoly Belov, Gosha Babanski, Anti Gonna, Alyona Tokovenko, Nadiya Shoshyna, Peter Shirkovsky, Igor Gusev, Stas Podlipsky, Alexandr Topilov, Alisa Pavlovskaya, EliKuka, Eugene Kukoverov, Andrey Kuzkin, Jules Hardi, Ades, Ecilop Nationale, Bisk, Plume.

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