the wrong 2o23/2o24
open call for curators
and artists 

join the 6th edition of the wrong biennale 
to join as a curator you must organise a pavilion. to join as an artist you must join a curator's pavilion, or create your own pavilion and become a curator 

what is a pavilion
a collective art exhibition showcased in a dedicated website, or any other online presence, including social media public platforms. organised by an artist, a curator, a group of artists or team of curators. to host artworks by 1o (ten) artists or more. a pavilion is the prime format on how the wrong biennale exhibits curated artworks online

build your pavilion
create a concept and a name for your project, register a new profile on a social media platform or build a website in a dedicated domain to host it online. select the artists and the works following your own concept and criteria. make sure to be in accordance with the wrong’s guidelines, and have all artists’ grant you the right to show their work

naming restrictions
the title of your project cannot include “wrong” or “biennale” or “tv” or any combination of these words, nor special characters nor gliphs. please do not name your project after yourself or your organisation 

time commitment
pavilions must be online and public from november 1st, 2o23 to march 1st, 2o24 

check out upcoming deadlines

now ~ april(extended)
express your intent to build a pavilion
write and let us know that you want to join, and let’s start talking

now ~ august 21st, 2o23
submit your pavilion
submit proposal including a pavilion title, name of curator, public domain link to access works and list of artists 

now ~ september 21st, 2o23
written confirmation of participation to the curators of selected pavilions

november 1st, 2o23
the wrong biennale vernissage

artwork guidelines
the wrong values the essence of joy and the exploration of creativity and knowledge in a positive and constructive way. please avoid any expression of hate, conflict or violence

adult-only art
if your pavilion will host +18 adult-only content, please make clear warning notice at the entrance

review artworks
please do not submit your artwork for review or self promotion. we love art, but we do not review artworks. the wrong is curated by self-appointed curators

open call for artists to join your pavilion
open calls are not mandatory. you are welcome to cherrypick your artists, but if you want to engage in an open call, you decide when and how you want artists to submit their works, and be responsible to the commitment 

make artists pay to review their work 
making artists pay a fee to submit their work to your pavilion is 1oo% forbidden

no money to participate at the wrong
the wrong is not an art fair, nor an nft marketplace. we do not monetise your art, the visits or views, so there is no financial compensation for building your pavilion, or for showing your work as an artist, but you are free to secure sponsors, grants and donors to fund your pavilion and pay your artists in the context of the wrong

fund your pavilion
build your own revenue via donations, grants and sponsors with brand and naming presence limited to your pavilion premises 

materials to introduce the wrong to a third party
about helps introduce the wrong to artists, donors, institutions and sponsors, press together with previous editions credits serve as support, reference and context

instant radical inclusion
anyone wanting to join is very welcome without the need of a college degree or proof of career, CV, cover letter, application fee, letters of recommendation or any of the other cultural industry standards you may encounter regularly. door is open, please come in 

the wrong values old fashion, no algorithm internet and one-click-away free accesibility. pavilions requesting crypto wallet connections, or email sign-ups, or pay-per-view routines, or downloading intrusive malware to access the artworks will not be accepted

acceptance ratio
acceptance ratio of proposals is very high when instructions are followed, energy is positive, and deadlines are met. understand that as you are free to submit but we are also free to choose. when joining, please consider to do so in good faith as we embrace you in the same fashion 

if your pavilion does not enter the wrong, it does not make your proposal or you as curator/artist, unheard or invalid. it merely means that it does not fit the ongoing context of the wrong 

my question is not here
questions are welcome. send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

this open call is a work in progress... conditions, guidelines and deadlines may be added, modified or updated anytime from now and to the closing of the event

welcome to the wrong
be kind, be patient, respect everyone's work and let’s have a good time

the wrong is a nonprofit endeavour, only possible with the generous collaboration and support of artists, curators, art collectives, cultural institutions and organisations from around the world. 2o23©d ll ´