there are 2 options to join the 5th edition of the wrong biennale; pavilion and embassy 

what is a pavilion?
a dedicated website, or any other online format, including social media, organised by an artist, a curator or team of curators, to host artworks by 1o (ten) artists or more

what is an embassy?
an exhibition, a public event or a series of public events happening in a physical location, organised by an artist, a curator or team of curators, featuring artwork by 5 (five) artists or more

what’s new?
the wrong biennale launches its own tv channel, and every pavilion and embassy will have air time in order to showcase its concept and artworks as a linear tv experience

i want to join the wrong as an artist
to join the wrong as an artist you must organise a pavilion or embassy (highly recommended) or join someone's pavilion or embassy via open calls

to build a pavilion/embassy, what do i have to do?
create a concept and a name for your project, and if needed, register a dedicated domain, create a website, and host it

select the artists, and display the artworks in a respectful manner to the artists. you also set the conditions of participation in your project. you select your artists and the works only following your own concept and criteria, but make sure to be in accordance with the wrong’s guidelines, and have artists’ grant you explicit rights to show their work

submit a 1h~24h playlist of vimeo/youtube public videos authored by the artists of your pavilion or embassy, to be broadcasted at and 

request biennale logo and make it a visible link in your pavilion and embassy

are there any naming restrictions?
the name of your project cannot include “WRONG” or “BIENNALE” or any combination of these words, nor special characters or gliphs

you cannot name your project after yourself or your organisation, you must give it a poetic title that represents the project

what is the time commitment for each option?
pavilions must be online until march may 1st, 2o22. embassies must open between november 1st, 2o21 and march may 1st, 2o22

what are the deadlines?
check out upcoming deadlines

now ~ february april 21st 27th, 2o22

submit your pavilion/embassy please confirm title, name of curator, domain link, location (if any), full list of artists and video links for tv playlist

march may 1st, 2o22

official “arrevoire” of the fifth edition of the wrong biennale

are there any artwork guidelines?
anything goes, but the wrong focus is on the abstract essence of joy and the exploration of creativity

feel free to generate a pavilion or embassy that is not governed by conflict, and that celebrates art in a positive and constructive way

what about adult-only art?
if your pavilion or embassy will host +18 adult-only content, please make clear warning notice at the entrance

may i launch an open call for artists to join my pavilion/embassy?
open calls can start now and be active until the last day of the event. you decide when and how you want artists to submit their works. if you as curator decide to run an open call, let us know, so we can share it

may i make artists pay to review their work?
no. making artists pay a fee to submit their work to your pavilion or embassy is 1oo% forbidden

do i get paid to curate or participate at the wrong?
no. there is no economic remuneration for building your pavilion or running your embassy for the wrong

may i secure sponsors or grants to fund my project?
yes. you are free to secure sponsors for your pavilion or embassy, and make your own revenue in the context of the wrong. your sponsors will only run their brand presence in your project premises

if you secure funds, please be fair when paying for your work and your featured artists' work

are there any materials to introduce the wrong to any third party?
please use about to introduce the wrong to artists, sponsors and institutions, press may be a good support too

what is the acceptance ratio?
the wrong practices instant radical inclusion, meaning; anyone wanting to join is very welcome without the need of a CV, cover letter, application fee or any of the other cultural industry standards you may encounter regularly, but when joining, please consider to do so in good faith as we embrace you in same fashion

acceptance ratio of proposals is almost 1oo% when instructions are followed, energy is positive, and deadlines are met. understand that as you are free to submit, we are also free to choose

if your pavilion/embassy does not enter the wrong, it does not make your proposal or you as curator/artist, unheard or invalid. it merely means that it does not fit the context of the wrong

how may i be in touch about it all?
all announcements are published at the artists and curators facebook groups

my question is not here...
questions are welcome. send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

conditions, guidelines and deadlines may be added, changed and/or updated from now and to the opening of the event, always aiming to improve the organisation of the biennale, and to improve the remote guidance of its community

any last words?
be nice, be patient, respect everyone's work, opinions, and let’s all have a good time

welcome to the wrong