artist, you have to submit your work to an open call︎ and join a pavilion, an embassy or a router

you can also organise your own offline solo show with a router︎

what kind of art can i submit?
all works to be submitted should be internet friendly and belong to any digital art modality and beyond; video, image, sound, animation, immersion, reality augmentation, software related, systems related, social media related, and any mix of the above 

are there any artwork guidelines?
yes. no need for artwork inspired in news, politics, sports, twitter hate strings or anything hateful, natural catastrophes, political or universal injustices, actual or past, even if you believe you are giving it a new twist. let's keep the content fun, creative, whimsical and inspiring

what is the criteria to select the works?
you are free to submit, curators are free to select. no bad vibes allowed

what about censorship?
there will be no censorship, but please always aim to submit artworks that are positive and constructive. if your work is +18 or features adult oriented content, please make clear notice of it before viewing

do i get paid to show my art at the wrong?
mostly there is no economic remuneration as the wrong is an exhibition oriented biennale, not a marketplace, but depends on the pavilion or embassy you are selected to show your work

anything else i should know?
conditions, guidelines and deadlines may be added, changed and or updated from now and to the closing of the event 

how can i be in touch?
join the wrong artists groups in facebook︎ and telegram︎ for updates and announcements

any last words?
be nice, patient, respect everyone's work and opinions, and let's have a great time 

be ready
here we come