there are 3 options to organise a curated exhibition; pavilion, embassy and router. 

what is a pavilion?
it is any dedicated website, or any other online format, including social media, to host artworks by 1o (ten) artists or more.

what is an embassy?
it is an event or series of events happening in a physical location, featuring artwork by 1o (ten) artists or more. embassies must also feature its own pavilion, and follow the guidelines, deadlines and conditions for all pavilions. 

what is a router?
it is a dedicated offline device that host artworks from 1 (one) artist or more. click router︎ for more info.

what do i have to do?
you have to create a concept and a name for your pavilion/ router/ embassy, and if needed, register a dedicated domain, create a website, and host it. the domain name should represent the title of your pavilion/ embassy. 

are there any naming restrictions?
the name of your pavilion/ router/ embassy cannot include “WRONG” or “BIENNALE” or any combination of these words.

can i do whatever i like?
yes. you select the artists, and display the artworks in a respectful manner to the artists. you also set the conditions of participation in your pavilion/ router/ embassy. you select your artists and the works only following your own concept and criteria, but make sure to be in accordance with the wrong’s guidelines.

artist selected for your pavilion/ router/ embassy can participate in other pavilion/ router/ embassy, but only if presenting different works. an artist cannot present the same work in two different pavilion/ router/ embassy. you as curator are responsible to inform your artists about this.

can i feature my artwork in my pavilion/ embassy?
no. you as curator cannot feature your own artwork in your pavilion/embassy, but you can participate as artist in someone else's. check open calls︎

can i feature my artwork in my router?
yes. you as curator may feature your work in your wrong router︎ show.

what is the time commitment for each option?
your pavilion must be online from november 1st, 2o19 until march 1st, 2o2o.

your router shows must happen between november 1st, 2o19 and march 1st, 2o2o.

your embassy events must open between november 1st, 2o19 and march 1st, 2o2o. closing of embassy events can happen anytime, even after march 1st, 2o2o. 

can i make an open call for artists?
yes, the wrong encourages curators to make public open calls for artists to join your pavilion/ router/ embassy. please keep in mind making an open call is not mandatory.

open calls can start right now and be active until the last day of the event. you decide when and how you want artists to submit their works.

when ready, please publish your open call to the wrong artists︎. you can also publish your open call in every other media you see fit.

can i make artists pay to review their work?
no. making artists pay a fee to submit their work to your pavilion/ router/ embassy, or to be reviewed, is 1oo% forbidden. please do not break this rule.

are there any artwork guidelines?
no need for artwork inspired in news actual or past, politics, sports, twitter hate strings or anything hateful, natural catastrophes, political or universal injustices, even if you believe you are giving it a new twist.

let's keep the content fun, creative, whimsical and inspiring.

what about censorship?
there will be no censorship, but please always aim to showcase artworks that are positive and constructive.

what about adult oriented art?
if your pavilion/ router/ embassy will host +18 or adult oriented content, please make clear notice at the entrance.

do i get paid to curate at the wrong?
no. there is no economic remuneration for building your own pavilion/ router or running your embassy. 

can i secure sponsors or grants to fund my project?
yes. you are free to secure sponsors for your pavilion, router or embassy, and make your own revenue in the context of the wrong. your sponsors will only run their brand presence in your pavilion/ router/ embassy premises. if you secure funds of any sort, please make sure to be fair when paying for your work and your artists' work.

are there any materials to introduce the wrong to any third party?
please use this website︎ to introduce the wrong to artists, sponsors, institutions and press.

recent featured press︎ will sure help make a good solid impression.

the wrong can also provide you with letters of invitation and any additional official materials that may help you achieve your space and funding goals.

what are the deadlines i must keep on my agenda?

october 1st,2o19

confirm title, name of curator, domain, location and full list of artists.

confirm title, name of curator, location and full list of artists.

confirm name, domain, location and list of artists for embassy, plus all infos. 

october 15th,2o19

all pavilions ready for press & VIP visits.

november 1st,2o19

opening of all pavilions.

between november 1st,2o19 and march 1st,2o2o

opening of embassies.
opening of router shows.

march 1st,2o2o

closing of all pavilions.

conditions, guidelines and deadlines may be added/ changed/ updated from now and to the opening of the event. 

my question is not here...
please send your question via email︎.

how can i be in touch about it all?
all announcements will be published at the curators group︎ in facebook.

any last words?
this is a long trip together, so buckle up, be nice, patient, respect everyone's work and opinions, and let's have a great time.