the wrong

born in 2o13 as a collaborative effort to create and promote digital art & culture, shaped as a global art biennale, open to participation, happening both online & offline

recently awarded with sois cultura 2o19︎︎︎ and ehrenerwähnung at starts 2o2o︎︎︎

"the wrong biennale - a concept that could prove key to the flourishing of the arts and culture in post pandemic times" - jury statement︎︎︎

since 2o13, more than 55oo artists and curators have officially participated in the wrong biennale


“counting its viewership in the millions, the wrong just might be the world’s largest art biennale — the digital world’s answer to venice” - the new york times︎

in march 2o2o, following the end of the 4th edition & in the midst of the covid19 pandemic outbreak

the wrong biennale︎ announces its next editions for november 1st, 2o21, november 1st, 2o23 and november 1st, 2o25
and adds two complementary strains

the wrong website︎
new daily feed of contemporary digital art & culture links

the wrong tv︎
new live streaming tv platform for digital art, music & culture 

in april 2o2o, aware of the unavoidable digital migration of degree shows for the upcoming 2o2o class of art students around the world, the wrong introduces

the wrong degree show︎
an annual online exhibition, open to participation, to showcase shows by graduating art students of schools and universities around the world

follow the wrong at


this is

the wrong website

for contemporary digital art & culture, featuring a live stream of video works, a fresh feed of links & a selection of online exhibitions